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Privacy Issues Your Nonprofit Needs To Know About (And How To Address Them)
What's privacy have to do with donor acquisition? At first glance, the two might not seem obviously linked.

But audience demand for privacy is already impacting your efforts to reach new prospects in ways you might not realize. Twenty-two states are considering privacy legislation right now, which will change the way that you can target and model from your audiences. And in response to the upswell in consumer awareness, Big Tech companies like Google and Apple are clamping down on third-party cookies, which are the piece of code that allow you to understand the nuance of audience interests and target them on sites they visit after yours.

With all of this change, your costs to acquire are likely already higher than last year's. Join Elyse Wallnutt from Agility Lab Consulting as she walks you through future-proofing your acquisition strategy.

In this session you will learn:
- Responsible strategies for first-party data acquisition.
- How third-party cookie deprecation will impact how you measure your acquisition efforts.
- How getting ahead of your risk exposure and your privacy practices builds trust with your supporters.


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Elyse Wallnutt
Agility Lab
Elyse Wallnutt is a senior marketing and tech leader with 16 years of experience driving results at the intersection of revenue, advocacy, brand, and policy objectives. After nearly two decades working in leadership roles for some of the largest nonprofit brands in the world — including Amnesty International, Heifer International, Feeding America, UNICEF USA, The Nature Conservancy, and World Food Program USA – she launched Agility Lab Consulting. Elyse helps business leaders reach their audiences through smart strategies that stay ahead of shifts in technology, algorithms, consumer demand and rising demand for privacy. She specializes in helping nonprofits understand and adjust for the impact that user demand for privacy is having on legislation and on Big Tech as they make changes to protect their own brands and subsequently challenge mission reach.
Claire Kerr
Director, Care2