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The Secret of Raising Big $ On Twitter
Can't get the funding & change you need through organic social media? In this free Care2 webinar, we bring in the digital agency managing some of Twitter's most powerful accounts, Causes Up, to share the science and art of winning on Twitter!

Causes Up is the creative & data beast behind many of the top tweets and memes on your timeline right now, which they use to help organizations like yours garner the attention and funding they need to make the positive change they want to see in the world.

In his Oct 27th webinar, you'll learn how to explode your messaging to find new audiences ready to give, and gain practical tips to improve your storytelling and fan-building online.

Register now to learn:
- How you're hurting your social media account right now
- Strategy to make your algorithm health soar
- The path for getting big new and recurring donations

Appropriate for all levels, beginner to advanced, so book it now!


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Ben Zolno
Causes Up
An activist filmmaker for decades, Ben was frustrated with his inability to make the impact he wanted. So, a few years ago, he teamed up with data expert Nathan Mackenzie Brown to create a messaging powerhouse. Through their digital agency Causes Up, they combine human emotion & algorithm secrets to manage accounts that regularly trend in the top 10 accounts in America. Ben's passionate about sharing what he's learned, to help good people achieve great things.
Claire Kerr
Claire is a nonprofit veteran who has worked for organizations in economic development, education, and fundraising sectors. At Care2, she works with charities and nonprofits as they use digital channels to acquire new supporters. She has presented online, social & mobile fundraising best practices at conferences around the world, and also teaches ‘Digital Strategies for Nonprofit Organizations’ at George Brown College in Toronto.